Lion Vasantbhai Choksi - India’s knight in shining armor for those deprived of eye care

For the past thirty years, Lion Vasantbhai Choksi has been the proverbial knight to over 25,000 people with eye deficiencies across India. Lion Vasantbhai Choksi has dedicated his life to the service of those who are visually impaired. From providing medicines, to eye surgeries, to full eye check-ups, Lion Vasantbhai Choksi has championed the cause of SightFirst.

It all began thirty years ago when a younger Lion Vasantbhai Choksi visited a village near Mount Abu, Rajasthan, on a SightFirst initiative. There he persuaded a 75 year old underprivileged woman to undergo eye surgery. Having convinced her, Lion Vasantbhai stayed with her till the end of her surgery. His reward was her joy on being able to see her grandchild. It was at that moment that he realized the importance of helping people with eye deficiencies. On that day Lion Vasantbhai Choksi and his wife Lion Ansuyaben Choksi made a commitment to dedicate their lives to helping people in need of eye care.

In 1991 he set up the 'ShreejiJyot’ trust which organizes free eye care to provide relief to the under privileged who suffer from eye diseases like cataract and glaucoma. The trust has been instrumental in performing over 170 eye camps across the country with the help of Lions Clubs. They have even been able to reach remote places like Poshne, Vejalpur, Vadale, Chitoor, Kochi, Bhordoli, enlisting the help of renowned eye surgeons from across India.

Recognized for his dedication to this humanitarian service by several Government officials in India, Lion Vasantbhai Choksi holds dear the acknowledgments from erstwhile Chief Minister of Gujrat and present Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, in addition to recognitions from other State Governors, Ministers, Presidents and Directors.

Having joined the club in 1963, Lion Vasantbhai Choksi has completed 50 years of community service and continues with the same passion he had started with. A dedicated Lion and a proud Melvin Jones Fellow, Lion Vasantbhai Choksi says, “I thank Lions Clubs for the platform and opportunity to perform community service that I enjoy so much and would like to call on the youth to help continue our work in eye care.” He continues, “any senior citizen who wishes to undergo cataract operation is welcome to contact me at (R) 0022 6636 8102 (O) 022 2342 6576.”

Letters from Narendra Modi

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