Share water to make India healthy

Lions Clubs have acted as a strong catalyst in promoting humanitarian causes across the globe. Sharing the common goal of providing safe drinking water to underprivileged in Mumbai, Lions Clubs International in partnership with Eureka Forbes has provided 100 refurbished UV-Water Purifier units to the lesser privileged institutions, a project which has gained huge success.

In India, where diseases like Diarrhea claims the life of a child every 2 minutes, safe drinking water seems like a distant dream. Unfortunately, as a country, India stands 120th in the list of 122 countries rated on the poor quality of drinking water. Due to the lack of safe drinking water, over 38 million Indians suffer from water borne diseases and over 60% of the hospital beds continue to be occupied by people affected with Dengue, Diarrhea Dracunculiasis etc. . Thus the need of the hour is that every citizen should get access to safe drinking water. Realizing this, Eureka Forbes has set up over 260 active community water plants in urban slums and in rural areas across India and these plants dispense close to 1.4 MN liters of purified water every day.

With the dream of eliminating water borne diseases, Eureka Forbes has taken up the Herculean task of providing clean drinking water to the needy.

Jal Daan, a pilot program has been initiated by Eureka Forbes on 23rd October, 2015 where people are encouraged to pledge that they will daily share 5 liters of drinking water with those in dire need for the same. For every pledge, Eureka Forbes will contribute Rs. 10/- to setup water purification plants for the needy. To build ‘Tandarust Bharat’, Jal Daan is a small pledge which makes a big difference. Lack of safe drinking water creates a cascading effect on health problems. Thus safe drinking water is an absolute necessity not as luxury.

For this dream to turn into reality the support of every individual is required. We at Lions Clubs request every citizen to pledge their support at http://www.jaldaan.org/ to Healthy India and do their bit. We are urging people like you and me, the privileged to pledge and share daily just 5 liters of purified/ treated water with the people who cannot afford water treatment. We also appeal to Lion members and volunteers to share this with their fellow Lions and spread the good work.

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