Help the country to prosper with proper utilization of CSR Funds

For a country to thrive, it is essential that the business goes beyond the interests of the companies and serves the communities. In the coming years, India is expected to emerge as an economic powerhouse, and one of the primary reason is Corporate Social Responsibility that has been made mandatory by the Government.

With the spree of reforms kicking in, the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has mandated prescribed companies to spare at least 2% of their profits for CSR activities through Companies Act, 2013.

But unfortunately, There has been a lukewarm response from the Indian Corporate towards meeting the CSR target. According to the latest analysis of annual reports of companies, only 14 Nifty companies have managed to spend the mandated 2% of their net profits towards CSR activities. It has also been observed that there is no keenness amongst corporates to spend on CSR activities. As per the report, 64% of the companies spent less than the prescribed CSR amount and 2% of the companies haven’t spent the recommended amount.

Thus this leaves a huge chunk of CSR capital that can be utilized for greater good of the society. Lions Clubs, being one of the best NGO in the country has the maximum potential to tap into these unspent fund for betterment of the society. With the largest volunteer base in the country, Lions can reach out to help even in the remotest of locations, which makes Lions Clubs the apt partner for CSR projects. Lions have successfully implemented and executed several initiatives such as “Relieve the Hunger”, “Dignity for Senior Citizens”, “Safe Drinking Water”, “ Sanitation in less privileged schools” in association with D-Mart, Nobel Hygiene, Eureka Forbes, Sujana Foundation respectively to serve the humanitarian needs of the country. A leading NGO in matters of accountability and transparency, Lions Clubs have vast expertise in managing and executing large scale social projects effectively, thus enabling them to create more value towards a partnership.

Since Lions extend help wherever same is needed, tapping into the unspent amount of the companies towards CSR, shall provide an excellent opportunity to serve the community. We request all the Lions to join hands and make conscious effort so that the unspent CSR capital of the companies can be tapped into and utilized in the most effective manner for the upliftment of the society.

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