LCIFI and SBIF Collaborate at the 43rd ISAAME Forum

The 43rd ISAAME Forum held at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in December 2015 witnessed many path breaking events. Lions from all around the world gathered at the Forum to discuss ideas and solutions that could better the lives of many in our community.

On 17th December, 2015 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between State Bank of India Foundation (SBIF) and Lions Clubs International Foundation India (LCIFI) for three years, starting from April 2016 to March 2019. The Managing Director of SBIF, Smt.Sanjukta Raiguru signed the memorandum on behalf of SBIF. On behalf of LCIFI, Lion Naresh Aggarwal, Second International Vice President, signed the memorandum.

The MOU states that the SBIF will provide financial aid to Lions’ Hospital and all other medical organizations affiliated to Lions Clubs of India. They will provide Dialysis Machines and Ambulances amongst other medical equipments across the country. With both these organizations present across India, the memorandum will be highly beneficial to the public.

International President Dr.Jitsuhiro Yamada congratulated Second International Vice President Lion Naresh Aggarwal for accomplishing this achievement. Dr. Yamada expressed, “India being Lions Clubs International’s backbone, LCIF is fortunate enough to be associated with one of India’s leading banks.” LCIF Chairperson Joe Preston appreciated the collaboration as it will assist Lions to serve a large number of individuals. First Vice President Bob Corlew highlighted the fact that the collaboration of SBIF and LCIF will help many people across the country. Second International Vice President Lion Naresh Aggarwal stated that SBI, India’s largest bank who have branches across India is collaborating with one of the world’s largest NGOs which also has clubs across the country, thus this collaboration is bound to make a difference to the community.

There are numerous ways to impact people in a community, and serving them with undaunted zeal, is the most efficient one. Lions have always kept this spirit in mind and have successfully aided people in need by living up to their motto, “Where there is a Need, There is a Lion.”

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