Lions Clubs of Byculla, organize ‘Dance for Humanity’ - a fund raiser to uplift 3 villages in Navsari
Lions Clubs of Byculla, organize ‘Dance for Humanity’ - a fund raiser to uplift
   3 villages in Navsari

Zavda, Vaghai and Sadad are 3 impoverished villages in Navsari, Gujarat, where mal nourishment among children, unemployment and poverty are a way of life. Here, homes have no electricity or drinking water, and children have no schools to go to. Living conditions are appalling as people mostly live in mud huts


Lions Clubs of Roshni distribute clothes to the underprivileged

While clothes help identify different cultures and regions, their most important purpose is to bring dignity to the wearer. In some parts of Kolkatta, where basic necessities are a luxury, the Lions Clubs of Roshni is bringing joy to people who cannot afford clothing


Lions Clubs, District 316-H empowers physical challenged people across Andhra

District 316-H in collaboration with the Ministry Of Social Justice & Empowerment and the Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation Of India, distribute artificial limbs to physically handicapped persons across the districts of Nellore, Prakasam, Kadapa, Guntur, Ananthapur, Kurnool, in Andhra Pradesh.


Lioness Usha Sampat helps combats hunger – promotes Hunger Project in district
   323 A1

Under the guidance of Lioness Usha Sampat, District Chairperson, district 323 A1, has been providing nourishing meals to school children. Earlier this year, the clubs provided nutritious meals for primary school students of MP Bhuta School. The reaction of the students seeing the daily meals and Lions members while heartening, has also edge the Lions to continue in their efforts to provide daily meals for the children.

Lioness Club of Srimatha, 317 A, bring cheer to old age home in Mysore –
   provide clothing and food to senior citizens

Fully aware that the old age home in Mysore receives very few visitors. The Lioness Club of Srimatha decided to brighten up the atmosphere and cheer up its occupants by visiting and spending time with them. To mark the occasion, the Lionesses donated clothes and food to all its occupants. The joy of receiving the clothes and the food was evident, from the expressions on the faces of the residents. The celebration brought life to an otherwise bleak old age home, who receives very few visitors.

Working toward Centennial Service Challenge – Fighting hunger

In keeping with the Centennial Service Challenge to help relieve hunger, Lions Club of Kuttanelloor city of Thrissur, Kerala, distributed paddy to the villagers. The club is working together with government bodies and local administration, in order to help villagers become self-sufficient and economically independent. The paddy transplanting drive has given the locals hope and drive for the future.

Lions Club of Gujrat (Disaster Relief)

Disaster relief operations in Gujrat - The Lions motto of ‘helping where help is needed’ was demonstrated by the work undertaken by the Lions Clubs of Gujrat through the emergency Rescue...


Lions Club of Kashipur (Disaster Relief)

The cloud burst and torrential rains in the hilly areas of Uttarakashi, Uttara Khand, in June 2013 caused devastating floods and landslides in the country's worst natural disaster since the 2004 Tsunami.


Lions Club of Ratlam (Fighting Malaria)

According to WHO, malaria claims approximately 2,000 lives daily, mostly victims belonging to remote areas of India. Lions Clubs, Ratlam has been conducting ‘Mission Malaria’ since 2004 ...


LCIF sanctions Major Catastrophe Grant of US$ 100,000

The Lions Clubs Foundation (LCIF) sanctioned a Major Catastrophe Grant of US$ 100,000 to MD 316 (316 A) in Hyderabad as aid, for relief operations and rehabilitation activity of the Lions Clubs in the district. ...


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