Mutthi Anaaj Daan


District 321 A2 distributes grain worth Rs. 10,000,000/- to underprivileged in the district
The ‘Ek Mutthi Anaaj’ project undertaken by District Governor Narinder Goel received an overwhelming response, with almost every club implementing it successfully. Ration worth approximately Rs.10,000,000/- was distributed to the needy.


India is home to the largest number of poor - one-third of the world's 1.2 billion extreme poor (those whose income is less than $1 a day) live in India. While there is no shortage of food production in India, our nation still has the highest percentage of underweight children under five. As members of Lions Clubs India, we have an opportunity to help reduce hunger.

Inspired by the Centennial Service Challenge to help relieve hunger, we encourage participation in Mutthi Anaaj Daan. All you have to do is put a handful of grain/pulses each day in a jar, and at the end of the month we will collect the jar and distribute the provisions to those in need.

To participate in Mutthi Anaaj Daan, click here and your request will be forwarded to the nearest Lions Club who will help collect and distribute the provisions for you.

See Lions Clubs of Sion make a difference to the lives of more than 150 lesser fortunate families through Mutthi Aanaj Dana.

Lions Clubs of Sion

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