Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank

Blood banks ensure a constant supply of usable, compatible blood for use in transfusions and other medical procedures. They are important as they maintain a reliable supply of blood and help increase the overall life expectancy by providing medical information for correct diagnoses and treatment of diseases, thereby improving the efficacy of the medical system. Hence, the Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank was established in order to provide Blood Banking services to the city.

The Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank is a unit of Lions Club of Siliguri Terai. Having started operation in 2004, the Blood Bank is today recognized as one of the most prestigious and well maintained Blood Banks in West Bengal. Located in the heart of Siliguri city, the three storied facility is spread over 7,500 square feet. Furnished with state of art equipment, and backed by an experienced team of doctors and para-medical staff, the blood bank has carved a niche for itself in the medical fraternity of West Bengal. Additionally, it is the only Blood Bank open 24x7, providing service to people from all corners of North Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan, and even from as far as Assam, Bihar and Bangladesh, issuing an average of 1,800 units of blood and blood components every month.

The bank also houses a Blood Donor van enabling, Blood Donation camps even in the remotest areas. The bank organizes about 15 camps each month, which have resulted in, spreading awareness of the importance of donating blood, by encouraging many first time donors.

The Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank continuously endeavors to update itself with the latest technology available to screen blood, making it the only blood bank outside Kolkata that has done away with the outdated Elisa technology for blood screening, and uses modern Chemi Technology. The tireless work done by the Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank has been recognized by not only the medical community, but also the Corporate who support the bank. While LCIF supported the project with Grants amounting to USD 1,71,000, the bank has also received generous contributions from other Lions members and local donors. In fact it has now become a model Blood bank for other to emulate.

To contact Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank, call +91 353-2548925

Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank Siliguri Terai Lions Blood Bank
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