Lions Roar at Zavda village near Navsari

Lions Club of Byculla lead by their Past President Lion Percy Master and their President Lion Sachinwalla visited Navsari on the 17th September, 2016 to execute a need based project. One year back Lions Members had visited several villages near Navsari which are in forest area and observed most of the villages were lacking basic facilities. Lions Club of Byculla raised requisite funds to dig a 300 feet bore well in Zavda village where they found a very good table of water. In order to help the villagers, Lions Club of Byculla fitted a solar power pump with requisite solar panels. Further they constructed a 100 feet tower, and provided a 3000 liters water tank to store the water. The entire project was executed with the help of WZO trust Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly and his dedicated team of professionals. Executing a project of such magnitude requires lot of pursuance and dedication especially in remote areas where permission and skilled labor is not easily available.

The water which is pumped into the tank during day time, supply water to 11 Zarthusti families and surrounding inhabitants of the villages. Lion Percy Master advised the gathering that “This was a dream come true “ for Lions Club of Byculla who after visiting the site gave the villagers a reason to smile. Water was tested and found suitable for drinking with high content of minerals. It was observed during the inauguration that even in cloudy weather the solar panels were generating enough power to operate the pump. The solar panel and fittings were created with a new technology as a result of which the solar panel would work even in cloudy weather.

Good water is a Nectar of Life and hence Lions Club of Byculla members were very happy to have executed this project which will supply good and fresh water all year around and even in drought situation and will help the villagers in cultivating their small plots of land.

Lions club of Byculla are pioneer in need based and long term projects in Municipal hospitals in Mumbai and now have spread their wings to Udwada, Navsari in Gujarat and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra to do good need based projects for the benefits of the locals residing there.

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