About Lions Quest

The Quest International programme was initiated in the USA by Mr. Rick Little in 1975. In 1984, Lions Clubs International partnered with Quest International taking the program global. The program has been implemented in 86 counties and in 36 languages across the world. Having witnessed the effectiveness of the programme in other countries and realizing the urgency of implementing it in India.

The Lions Quest is a K-12 comprehensive youth development program that promotes social and emotional learning, character education, drug awareness, bullying prevention and service learning. Lions Quest features three program levels.

  1. - Skills for Growing (Age 4 – 9 years)
  2. - Skills for Adolescence (Age 10 – 14 years)
  3. - Skills for Action (Age 15 – 20 years)

The programs promote a caring, safe, well-managed, and participatory learning environment, enabling students to develop 21st century life skills. This is especially effective in children between the ages of 10 to 14 years who are vulnerable to physical and emotional changes, both within themselves and from their family, friends and the community.

Child rearing presents several challenges leaving parents anxious and perturbed about the growth of their child. The Lions Quest program offers an effective platform for children and adolescents. It helps young people:

  1. • Develop a positive social attitude with self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment, accountability and ability to get along with others.
  2. • Develop a positive commitment to family, school, peers and communities, including commitment to lead a healthy moral life.
  3. • Inculcates respect for different cultures and traditions.
  4. • Build active citizenship skills through real life community service.
  5. • Provides resources and support to adults who support young people.

In India, the program has been initiated since 2012, across 200 schools. To measure the impact of the programme, data was collected from a sample of 1416 students, 70 teachers and 90 parents from various schools around India like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar Mumbai and Vadodara, where schools of various socio- economic backgrounds were represented. The feedback from all stakeholders was encouraging and has promoted lions to continue this journey. The impact of the program resonates across students, teachers and parents, making it instrumental in helping develop skills to deal with emotions constructively, make responsible decisions, and set positive goals that lead to healthy and responsible lives.

If you wish to implement the program in your school or need additional information about the Lions Quest program, please call us at +91-22-61217900 or click here for us to contact you.

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