Lions Clubs International (India)

India is the second largest community and the fastest growing community of Lions Clubs volunteers in the world. Lions Clubs established its presence in India in 1956 and today has 2,40,000 members across 6,400 Clubs. Lions volunteers reach out to help anywhere across the country, even in the remotest locations.

Each club in the country in pursuit of excellence in serving humanity. Our efforts have not been limited to health benefits, several clubs have also been working towards the socio-economic welfare of the local communities right from the word go.

Currently the three major projects running in India are Measles & Rubella, Diabetes and SightFirst. India is the home to the most diverse of cultures, but each one of that has one thing in common- acceptability. Naturally, Lions India has been successful in building a symbiotic growth systems among Lions across the country. As a result, strenuous activities such as raising awareness, organising camps, fundraising etc. have become simpler.

  • Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing
  • Clubs may either provide service or raise funds
  • 100% of funds donated by the public are directed to the project for which they are intended

International Websites: Lions Clubs International | Lions Clubs International Foundation

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