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Flood Relief Operation

Tamil Nadu has witnessed one of the heaviest rains in decades. The last two months of the year 2015, were filled with adversity and hardships. The tales of suffering of those affected were heart rendering. with rainfall flooding many resions up to alerming levels, nearly 400 people were killed with over 18 lakh people being dislocated. The damage caused is inclculable and the aftermath is unimaginable.

A flooded city and its worsened conditions of broken homes and empty bellies, did not favor the people of Tamil Nadu.

In this tragic situation that prevailed in Cuddalore from the third week of November, 2015 and in Chennai during the first week of December, 2015; many Lions Clubs and Lions Districts have come forward to help the people affected due to the heavy rainfall. Lions have helped people elevate from this disaster with their generous efforts. Lions from all over the country have sent truckloads of relief materials comprising of food, utensils, cooking stoves, clothes and other essential materials for children and adults.

The relief materials were distributed in Cuddalore, Guduvancheri, Tiruvallur, and Chennai and its suburbs. Lions in Chennai set up three kitchens to provide food to the flood victims. Around 600 Lions were on the move to ensure that the relief materials reached the people in need. The total value of the distributed relief materials received from various places, was around INR 12 Crore.

The charitable arm of Lions Clubs International, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) initially sanctioned a grant of US$ 65,000 to provide immediate needs like food, medicine and clothing for the flood affected victims. Later, looking at the worsening conditions, LCIF sanctioned a US$ 200,000 Major Catastrophic Grant to provide short and long term flood relief and reconstruction program.

The emergency relief operation has now ended however considerable amount of work needs to be done to rehabilitate the flood victims and rebuild the city and its people. Lions are attempting to reconstruct the damaged schools by replacing their furniture and fixtures, reconstructing their toilets, laboratories and classrooms. Lions are in discussion with the State Government and the Corporation of Chennai, for their permission to carry out these reconstruction activities costing around INR 6.5 crores.

Lions salute young boys & girls, different NonGovernmental Organizations, armed forces and every individual who came forward and helped the flood affected victims.

It’s not an easy task to rehabilitate 1 million people who have been displaced out of their homes and another 3 million who have been affected by the loss of material. But as humans, it is our duty and responsibility to help others in distress. Therefore, Lions request all to contribute towards the rehabilitation of the flood affected victims and help Tamil Nadu rise again to its previous prestigious stature.




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