Lion Chandrahas Shetty- Guiding Light to the Society to Promote Diabetes Awareness

For the past decade, Lion Chandrahas Shetty has been the knight of the diabetic people in the crusade against diabetes. Lion Chandrahas Shetty has dedicated his life to raise awareness about diabetes. For his immense contribution to the society in preventing diabetes and raising awareness about disease, he has been awarded "Madhumeha Saathi Purskar" by Lion Ashok Mehta, Past International President in the year 2009.

He began his journey in 1994 and quickly climbed the ladder of Lionism due to his unmatched dedication. He became the District Chairperson of Diabetes Awareness in the year 2004-05. Lion Chandrahas Shetty- the 1st Vice Governor and his efficient Lions team of District 323D2 have been instrumental in organizing World Diabetes Day celebrations since the past 12 years in collaboration with Diabetes Care and Research Foundation.

To create awareness about diabetes, each year on 14th November, a rally is organized where an enormous number of people participate to show their support. The rally has been considered one of the best in the world. Each year, people who have achieved great heights in life despite suffering from diabetes are honored with "Lifetime achievement awards" which serves as an inspiration to diabetic and non-diabetic people alike. In the year 2009, exhibition on diabetes and free screening of blood sugar, cholesterol, obesity and eye checkup were organized.

Over the years the World Diabetes Day celebration program gained huge success and the participation of people increased from 6000 in 2012 to 25000 in 2014. The program is attended by eminent sports personalities and celebrities. Free health checkups and booklets related to diabetes are distributed to promote awareness about diabetes.

This year on 14th November, 2015 a Mega Diabetes Awareness program is being organized along with a Yoga workshop and a seminar conducted by Honorable Shri Nagendra Reddy Guru which promises to be a morale boosting program for Lions.

Some of the awards and accomplishments of Lion Chandrahas Reddy are:

  • He is the Founder Chairperson of Pune 21st Century Prathisthan
  • He is the Founder Chairman of Magnaums Group Of Companies
  • Awarded Lions International President's Medal - 2 times
  • Honored with "Pune Samajsewa Bhushan Purskar" by Patit Pawan Sanghatan in 2011
  • Honored with "Sewa Sanman Purskar" by Minister Shri Harshvardhan Patil

Lion Chandrahas Shetty is an inspirational figure who has touched innumerable lives with his unparalleled services.

To make a better tomorrow, we welcome people to come forward and participate in the diabetes day program to raise awareness about the disease.

We salute, Lion Chandrahas Shetty for dedicating his life in the service of mankind.

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