Lending a Hand of Assistance, Preventing Sight Loss:

Loss of Sight due to Glaucoma and Retinal diseases is a problem that needs to be addressed with greater efforts. Greater Lions Seva Nidhi, a Lions Charitable trust, aims to solve this very problem with help from The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Project (GGP). The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Project (GGP) scheme is a part of the Government of Japan’s Official Development Assistance. It offers financial assistance to NGOs to assist them in their commendable efforts to provide services to the community.

Mr. Endo Kazumi, Consul General of Japan in Kolkata on behalf of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots projects signed a grant contract with Mr. Praveen Jhawar, Chairman, Greater Lions Seva Nidhi. In accordance with the contract medical equipments for Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospitals, West Bengal will be provided with a grant of US $72,222.

Under GGP, two modern medical equipments, - The Humphrey Field Analyzer and Constellation Vision System will be procured from the given amount. These will help achieve the aim of prevention of sight loss by treatment of Glaucoma and Retinal diseases. Through this provision, various communities spread across North Bengal and surrounding areas of Siliguri will be benefitted.

Dr. Praveen Jhawar, on behalf of Greater Lions Seva Nidhi expressed his deepest gratitude for the Japanese Government. Dr. Jhawar promises to effectively support communities in the surrounding areas. Currently, more than 85,000 patients from North-Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and North-East India receive consultations at the hospital. 12,000 eye surgeries are performed and more over 60% of these surgeries are done free of cost. The Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital performs the maximum eye surgeries in North Bengal and has gained this perfect opportunity to help the community furthermore.

The cause of fighting for Prevention of Blindness is as noble as it is inspiring. Surely, this will help restore many smiles into many lives. Lions Clubs International thanks the Government of Japan for their assistance.

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