Stories of Inspiration: She Auto & Make It Possible

In today’s fast paced world, economic independence is an integral part to empower both women and physically challenged individuals. Women need to be encouraged to be more independent so to have better financial independence and control over their lives and be an integral part of their families. Physically challenged individuals need to be supported to help them make a better life and not be bogged down by their disabilities. Understanding the importance of financial independence, District 318 C has executed two different projects to encourage women and physically challenged individuals to become more independent.

The She Auto project is conceived for women where under this scheme, 120 women will be inducted into driving classes and will be equipped for driving of auto rickshaws. She Auto project will provide all the facilities, right from purchasing auto rickshaws to its ownership. A special color will be adopted for She Auto and necessary approvals shall be obtained from the government authorities for the same. She Autos aim to ensure safer journeys for women passengers, in autos driven by women. It also aims to provide means of livelihood and consistent source of income to women belonging to the financially backward section of the Community. The project worth Rs. 30, 40,000 was implemented on the 2nd February, 2016.

The second project conceived by District 318 C named MAKE IT POSSIBLE is directed towards providing support to physically challenged individuals. Under this project, 60 four wheeled scooters will be provided to the physically challenged individuals which will assist them in earning their livelihood and which in turn will help them accomplish the dreams and hopes that had not taken flight due to reasons beyond their control. The project worth Rs.28, 56,000 was implemented on the 2nd February, 2016.

The first phase was inaugrated on February 2nd, 2016 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Cochin rickshaws by Second International Vice President Lion Naresh Aggarwal in the presence of International Director Lion R. Murugan. The meeting was presided by District Governor Lion Adv V. Amarnath. The project saw a distribution of 42 Four Wheeler Scooters for the differently-abled and 76 Autos for women. The event was attended by more than 400 Lions and around 250 non – lion members, including family members of the beneficiaries.

As citizens of a nation that still has to provide better amenities to its women and differently abled citizens, it is a necessity to encourage projects of this nature to help our fellow citizens to live a dignified and proud Life. Lions Clubs International applauds District 318 C for their assistance.

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