‘Anganwadi Project’ undertaken by the Lions Club of Juhu

Children are one third of our population and all of our future. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to provide them a better and secure present in order for them to see a better tomorrow.

In rural India, a child starts his/her educational journey in nurseries which are known as Anganwadis. These Anganwadis are present in all villages as they are provided by the Government where children aged between 3 to 6 years are often sent to develop learning skills, which are building blocks for their future.

However, poor infrastructure and sanitation facilities affect the overall condition of health and well-being in underprivileged areas, mainly at places where a child starts their education. In fact many children abstain from attending school due to the poor hygiene conditions. Apart from poor hygiene conditions, these Anganwadis also lack proper educational infrastructure.

To address and improve this anomaly, Lions Club of Juhu has taken up the responsibility of refurbishing and renovating these Anganwadis so as to encourage students to attend school. They aim at building a healthy environment where not only students, but also their parents look forward to send them to school. However, poor quality educational infrastructures in these Anganwadis have stuck out like a sore thumb.

Lions Club of Juhu is recognized for their strong local presence as they have steadily built a network with many prestigious corporate social investors and renowned public service enterprises. Thus, Lions Club of Juhu took up the initiative to improve the conditions of Anganwadis, partnering with Gram Panchayats and village schools across Thane district.

The overwhelming success of previous tasks undertaken by the Lions Club of Juhu caused the Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad, Thane, Shri Uday Chaudhari to entrust Lions with renovating and refurbishment of 177 Anganwadis in Bhiwandi / Vajreshwari areas also.

Lions Club of Juhu has undertaken the responsibility of renovating 51 Anganwadis by May, 2016 as part of Phase 1. The Anganwadi project will be conducted jointly by Lions Club of Juhu and Learning Space Foundation in Tal, Bhiwandi in the district area of Thane. In total 10 Anganwadis were inaugurated on 11th of January, 2016 at the worthy hands of Mr. Mukesh Oza, CEO of Samsara Group of Companies. District Governor Lion K. L. Parmar was the Chief Guest and First Vice District Governor, Lion Prashant Patil, was the Guest of Honor. Also present at the event were Lion Vikas Saraf, District Cabinet Secretary, Lion Deepak Chaudary, DC Activities, Lion Mangalaa Purohit, Region Chairperson, Region 4, Lion Suresh Purohit, DC PRO and Past District Governor Lion Umesh Gandhi.

In the Last 3 years Lions Club of Juhu has carried out many Mega Signature Projects of setting up schools and colleges in rural areas. During the lionistic year 2013-14, 12 Anganwadis were inaugurated to initiate the Anganwadi project.

In the coming years, Lions Club of Juhu will renovate more Anganwadis so as to facilitate the education of the future generation of India and promise society, a brighter and better tomorrow.

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