Umbrella Project

Lions are friends, family and neighbours who share a core belief- serve where help is required, even in the most remote locations. Lions Service is defined by the help provided to people in need and redefined by the creativity with which it is extended. We are always looking for new ideas to serve our community and region. Lions clubs help address these needs by developing services for children – projects with specific, attainable goals, including: collecting food, clothes or books, conducting camps for children with various illnesses and special needs, reading programs for children and countless other projects.

Recently, District 323 A2 witnessed a great show of social service by the Lions. Under the October Service Week project, Lion Sangeeta Kasliwal (President, Lions Club of Ghatkopar Galaxy) and other Club members provided 50 umbrellas to vendors who sold vegetables in harsh weather conditions in Ghatkopar by the side of the lanes.

A thoughtful idea of providing umbrellas to vendors to save them from the harsh sun and rain was eventually turned into a brilliant activity by Lions when the umbrellas wore the signature yellow colour and flashed the Lion logos in the market places. It also supported the centennial announcement marking the year 2017 as 100 years of Lions service to the world. This creative touch with the consultation of district governor turned every umbrella into an eye catchy publicity prop! Today, the place has a new canopy, new energy and ‘Lionism’ is the talk prevailing all around.

Not surprising, every club is keen to employ the umbrella as their image building tool. Hence, District 323A2 plans to roll out one thousand umbrellas through different clubs as a forerunner to the centennial celebrations. Lions volunteers and members are working to improve the condition of children and adults around the world be it on a global level or at the remote locations. Join us in making a difference in the society and be a part of something big.

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