ISAAME Forum, Ahmedabad, 2015

The Lions Clubs International, ISAAME forum will witness the participation of Lions from across India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East, in great numbers. Delegates will discuss and showcase community service from all countries, making it a rich ground for learning from each other’s experience. Lions will share models of community service programs that will work to flourish across countries. The forum will establish that Lions have moved from working towards the betterment in their own country, to working for the entire region. The Lions Clubs International, ISAAME forum has become a global phenomenon.

Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada, President, Lions Clubs International
“I really have high hopes for the Lions of India because the membership in India is growing and you’ll are doing wonderful service activities. Whenever I visit India and see your activities, I’m always very impressed. I want to say thank you for all your efforts to serve the less fortunate people in your country. I count on you for our Centennial celebrations and look forward to working together with you. ”

Joseph Preston, Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation(LCIF). (Immediate Past President,Lions Clubs International).
“The ISAAME forum is important because it brings Lions together from India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East. All coming together, to share ideas on how they can better serve the communities, operate more effectively, and increase the amount of service to the world? It’s a very big opportunity at the same time there is a lot of business gets conducted, that just needs to be done. I’m excited to be a part of this and hope it’s successful. It’s really an opportunity first to get together and share ideas and network. It’s a tremendous opportunity. Mauritius is a beautiful island, great host and it’s wonderful to be here. ”

Sangeeta Jhatia, International Director
“The ISAAME forum is very important because we get view points from all over the world. We come together to share our experience of what’s working and what’s not working. These occasions help us come together, discuss strategy and make plans on how to increase our community service and make the organization strong. We are able to rejuvenate our ideas, understand what’s working in other countries and learn from them. I encourage Lions to attend these forums as it is an excellent learning platform.”

Vijay Kumar Raju, Lions Clubs International Foundation Coordinator
“The ISAAME forum is an opportunity for Lions of India to exchange their views, share their experiences, and share best practices. It is a mutually beneficial exercise for all attendees. It is about fellowship, great friendship and bonding, and as always you carry home a lot of new ideas. It is also an opportunity to meet Lions of other countries, learn what’s happening there, what are the issues that are close to their heart and how they are dealing with it. Attending a forum of this size gives you a feeling of true belonging, and pride of being part of an international organization. This is why the ISAAME forum is important”.

Alexis Vincent GOMES, International Director, Global Leadership Team Leader, Africa Steering Committee
“The ISAAME forum is a great opportunity to meet each other, to exchange views, to share our opinions, to ensure mutual enrichment, fostering our friendship. We have come together to dream of a better humanity in conjunction with the vision of our founder Melvin Jones "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else". We must love, listen, smile with, help and support the other in good as well as bad times. It is with this other that we are going to work towards building a better future for our humanity. The motto of Lions Clubs International is “we serve” it isn’t “I serve”, this “we”: includes all of us: all together we must serve humanity. It is man who must construct humanity. God has done everything, created everything. He has given us his love; given us the gift of life. It is our responsibility to look at it as our heritage and to share it. By way of sharing we can spread love, friendship and fraternity and construct a peaceful and happy humanity.”

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