Economic independence is a prerequisite for enabling both, women and men to exercise control over their lives and make informed choices.

Increasing the opportunities for women to contribute to the workforce to the full extent of their skills and abilities will assist in developing a productive and competitive economy. Increasing women’s participation in paid employment helps improve lives; theirs and the families. Increased economic independence leads to social integration, better living conditions and a prosperous economy.

Lions Clubs have been enabling economic independence and social integration for a long time now.

Our initiatives...

Though, the 2009 Right to Education Act makes schooling for children from the ages of 6 to 14, free and compulsory, the reality is very different. Education for the lower segments of society, are gender biased, if not totally absent due to economic status. Here is where the Lions Clubs plays a very important role. Lions clubs from across the country have been facilitating basic education for children from rural India.

In the cities where education is easily available, Lions have developed the Lions Quest program that address youth development, promotes social and emotional learning (SEL), character building, bullying prevention, drug awareness, and service-learning.

Lions education and learning initiatives...

With the World Health Organization’s 2000 World Health Report ranking India’s healthcare system at 112 out of 190 countries, the need for medical assistance cannot be overemphasized. There is a wide gap between facilities available in rural and urban India, and here is where the Lions Clubs have been acting to bridge the gap.

At Lions Clubs, offering medical assistance to the less fortunate is a part of our culture. Lions are actively involved in several medical programs across the world and in India. Today, Lions Clubs are synonymous for offering medical assistance to the underprivileged, and have established a reputation of excellence for our hospitals and for the medical care wings under our care.

Our medical assistance initiatives...

Air pollution, poor management of waste, growing water scarcity, falling groundwater tables, water pollution, preservation and quality of forests, biodiversity loss, and land/soil degradation are some of the major environmental issues that India faces today.

As the country’s population and economy continue to grow, the need to find innovating solutions becomes more urgent every day. Lions Clubs, recognizing this problem are working to find sustainable, innovative solutions at the grass root level.

Our environmental initiatives include...

Lions Clubs provide a number of humanitarian programs that offer immediate relief from any kind of tragedy. At Lions Clubs we firmly believe in helping where help is needed. To this end, our clubs are working round the clock to offer assistance, be it to victims of natural catastrophes, looking after the destitute or working with people suffering from hunger or disease.

Lions Clubs, make things better...

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