Lions Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir supports students of Chowhati village

Lions Club of Calcutta Greater has been providing service to the village of Chowhati since 1972. Conducting and engaging in multiple activities including, vocational training, provisions for a library, building a yoga center, etc.

In the late nineties, with rapid urbanization and technological shift, came competition and the need to develop English language skills, a prerequisite for better opportunities in the city. The Lions Club invested in an English medium higher secondary school, for which, the members purchased 3 bighas of land and laid its foundation stone as Lion's Calcutta Greater Vidya Mandir'.

The beneficiaries of the school were the children of lower middle class income group, of whom a large section were first generation learners who had no knowledge of the English language.

In the year 2002, the school commenced with its first academic year, with 650 students, coming from surrounding areas, like Sonarpur, Baruipur and Garia. The school follows the ICSE curriculum, with qualified teachers and with equivalent emphasis on co-curricular activities.

The project was funded by members of the Lions Club of Calcutta Greater along with friends and supporters. In addition to the donations received, the project secured LCIF Grants amounting to $285,000.

Lions Club has already begun further investment in 11th and 12th standard classes and have applied for ISC affiliation with the board in New Delhi. A grant of $100,000 has been sanctioned for the purpose and the members are awaiting disbursement.

On 1st March, 2009, Shri Partho De, Minister of Education for West Bengal graced the inauguration of the secondary section and in his speech, appreciated the efforts of the Lions and applauded the initiative.

This three storey majestic structure is a promise kept by the Lions members that symbolizes growth and development in the field of education and service.

The school has won many laurels since its initiation, and has been recognized as a Lions Legacy project, the award for which was presented at the ISAAME Area forum at Ahmedabad in 2015.

Education is essential for the sustainable development and for better opportunity. The Lions Club of Calcutta Greater is determined to give every child of Chowhati, a chance at a better life.

Today in 2010, there are 2028 children enrolled at the school. In a short span of eight years, the school has been recognized for its quality education and exceptional performance.

The LSGVM School is a sign of the strength and success that comes with dreaming big and stepping up in service.

Instinct to Excel... Passion to Build. That is what the Lions Club of Calcutta Greater believe in!

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