Chennai Relief

North-East India

Emergency Grant - District 325-B2

When natural disasters strike, Lions are there to offer help and support. Lions salute young boys & girls, different NonGovernmental Organizations, armed forces and every individual who came forward and helped the flood affected victims in the Nepal region. To control the tragic situation that prevailed, LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant (EMR15279/325B2) of USD 5,000 for recent floods District 325-B2. Please consider making a donation to LCIF’s disaster fund today.

Emergency Grant - District 325-A2

LCIF Chairperson Yamada has awarded an emergency grant (EMR15265/325A2)in the amount of US$5,000 to assist the Lions of District 325-A2 with flood relief activities. Lions Clubs have also helped people elevate from this disaster with their generous efforts. Lions from all over the country have sent truckloads of relief materials comprising of food, utensils, cooking stoves, clothes and other essential materials for children and adults.

Emergency Grant - District 325-A1

Torrential rainfall in the Nepal region resulted in many communities being inundated in neighbouring Jhapa and Morang districts. According to the Morang District Police Office, 50 families each in Biratnagar-16 and Govindapur were displaced after flood water entered the settlement. Also, at least 200 families in Jayannagar and Suga Bazaar and 35 families in Babiyabirta were displaced. LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant of USD 5,000 to District 325 A1 for recent floods in Jhapa and Morang Districts (Nepal) to provide basic necessities to the people in need and stay true to their motto - "We Serve".

Emergency Grant - District 322-D

LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant of USD 5,000 to District 322 D to mitigate the losses from the floods that affected the areas of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

After a fresh spell of rain, the waters from the swollen Brahmaputra and its tributaries submerged houses and agricultural fields of 12.5 lakh people in 18 districts. The floods also caused massive erosion of the river banks and damaged the cultivated lands, paddy fields, tea gardens, horticultural fields, livestocks. The Lions Clubs of the areas rose in support of the flood affected victims by volunteering in relief operations and providing food, water and medication to the families.

Emergency Grant - District 325 B1

LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant of USD 5,000 to District 325 B1 after the areas experienced floods and landslides in the areas of Western Nepal (Gulmi, Baglung, Myagdi & Parbhat ) .

From 26th July, 2016 to 1st August, 2016, the area received constant downpour, with hundreds missing, houses submerged and several towns and villages swept away, the Lions stepped up in service to support relief measures and contribute towards the safety of the victims. Instant Relief materials for survival were distributed by the Local Lions Clubs, in addition to the other local service clubs. Dry Foods, blankets and clothes, personal hygiene products, water purifier, medical supplies, tents, a tarpaulin for a temporary shelter, basic daily foods and corrugated steel sheets were provided to the affected areas.

Emergency Grant - 315 A1 and A2

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) offers a variety of funding options to support various stages for disaster relief operations, including Disaster Preparedness, Emergency, Community Recovery and Major Catastrophe Grants. LCIF Chairperson Yamada has awarded an emergency grant in the amount of US$5,000 to assist the Lions of District 315-A1(EMR15282/315A1) and A2(EMR15280/315A2) in Bangladesh with flood relief activities. A grant check will be prepared and sent to the district. Emergency grant funds will be used to provide basic necessities - such as food, clothing, blankets, bottled water, and medical supplies for those affected by the disaster.

Emergency Grant - District 321-C1

LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant of USD 5,000 (INR. 340,050) to District 321-C1 towards the flood affected in the areas of Pithoragarh and Chamoli Districts of State of Uttarakhand.

The Uttarakhand State in the Himalayan region experienced a cloud burst, which resulted in a landslide on 1st and 2nd July, 2016. Over 30 people were declared dead, over 100 missing and over 4000 people have become homeless without food and shelter. 39 Lions Clubs in Haridwar, Kotdwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Dehradun and Roorkee joined in support, by making provisions for shelter, medication, blankets, clothes, water and food. Many of the volunteers also helped with relief operations and at medical camps.

Emergency Grant - District 323 C

LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant of USD 5,000 (INR. 340,050) to District 323-C for the floods that affected the regions of Satna, Rewa, Maihar and Damoh.

With hailstorms and incessant rains wreaking havoc and destroying livelihoods, at least 10 Lions Clubs joined together to support the poor, by providing clothes, food and water, while also working with the government in relief efforts. The grant was also utilized for the provision of food grains, for the farmers whose crops were destroyed.

Emergency Grant: District 322 F

LCIF awarded an Emergency Grant of USD 10,000 (INR. 680,100.00) to District 322-F for the floods that affected the Bhutan & North Bengal region.

The flood that occurred on 22nd July, 2016 left more than thousand people homeless and many, injured. The Lions Club began relief work with the distribution of food and water among those in the affected areas. Under the supervision of the DG team, the grant was allocated by the Lions Club of Druk Bhutan and Clubs in nearby areas in North Bengal, where provisions were made for water, food, medicines, utensils and clothing to the victims of the flood.

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