Our Everyday Hero- Lion Dr. Y. Jagan Mohan Rao

Hard work and persistence are a few instrumental qualities of being a Lion. PMJF Lion Dr. Y. Jagan Mohan Rao was born into a middle class agricultural family; with his persistent hard work and blessings from his parents, Dr. Y. Jagan Mohan went on to carve himself into a successful doctor and philanthropist.

Post his early education and intermediate studies; he completed his M.B.B.S. and M.D. from Andhra University, with flying colors. He joined the Government services and later started his own private practice in 1975 at Eluru.

Dr. Rao began his journey in Lionism by joining Lions Club of Eluru in the year 1972- 73. He then became the District Governor during Lionistic year 2004-05 and received many awards, one of which being “AMBASSADOR OF GOOD WILL AWARD”, the highest honor by the Association for his outstanding services in the year 2005.

Dr. Rao has played a vital role in securing and raising funds directed towards the betterment and upliftment of the community. He has not only encouraged his co- Lion members to donate but he himself has donated profusely.

As a medical doctor, he has offered his service to people living in the remote villages of the Kolleru Area for a whole year. Services of Dr. Rao to these remote villages were highly appreciated by the District Collector. He served the people of Vasanthawada and surrounding areas through bimonthly medical camps. Additionally, a major polio Surgical Camp was organized between 1981-1982 with a view of serving polio affected people. The following year, he organized a major Stapedectomy Camp for the deaf, this camp also saw participation from a team of doctors from Mysore headed by Dr. Ratna.

Dr. Rao was influential in collecting Rs. 1,27,000 /- for the corpus fund for Lions Club of Helapuri. As Chairman for FundRaising Committee for Lions Cancer Hospital, Visakhapatnam, he collected Rs. 20 Lacs. He also helped in securing the cobalt unit worth Rs. 1 Crore from the Central Government and in addition he secured an Ambulance worth Rs. 5 Lacs from Apadbandhu Charitable Trust, Hyderabad.

Dr. Rao did not limit his philanthropy only for medical purposes. He also came in when Lions were in need. He liberally donated and collected Rs. 1.75 Lacs for the land for Lions District Central Office at Vijaywada. In order to fulfill his long cherished desire to construct K.K.M.A. & H.L. Multi service Centre, Eluru, Dr. Rao collected 18 Lacs in the first phase and Rs. 6.5 Lacs in the second phase. He also contributed towards matching grant of the LCIF to construct a house at Ln. Er. Ch. Vara Prasad Lions Nagar at Tadepalligudem.

Dr. Rao donated a highly valuable site of 400 sq. yard for construction of KAHL Degree College only goes to prove his genuine gesture of philanthropy. He motivated and enrolled 200 MJFs and contributed Rs. 6 Lacs as incentive to MJFs. He also organized Vishishta Seva Mahotsav, for which Rs. 7. Lacs were donated by the Lion Members from which 1500 physically handicapped persons were benefited. He also collected Rs. 3 Lacs for Tsunami rehabilitation centers..

As a District Governor, his greatest achievements include securing Rs. 26 Lacs for a Blood Bank in Vijayawada and LCIF grants of 82 Lacs for Tsunami Projects at Machilipatnam and Narsapur. He is also responsible for mobilizing funds for construction of District administrative building at Eluru.

His motivations and commitment towards Lionism make him an evergreen hero of the contemporary Lions. Happily married to Dr. Y. Swarnalatha, a reputed Gynecologist and being blessed with cheerful disposition make him endeared to all. He is indeed a true Lion to the core and an embodiment of everything that Lionism Stands for.

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