Everyday Hero – LION D.P. NARSARIA of Lions Club of Bankura District 322C3 (West Bengal)

Lion Debi Prasad Narsaria is a prosperous businessman of Bankura. Born in September, 1947, Debi Prasad was known for his transparent dealings and enjoyed goodwill in his community that brought him much success.

He established a mustard oil mill and managed it wisely for several years while it enjoyed a significant market for the product. However, unfortunately when it became economically challenging to continue business of the mill, he made a decision to close down the operations, rather than resort to unethical practices.

Debi Prasad was always inclined towards social work. In October, 1977, he joined Lions Club of Bankura, and was elected as Secretary in 1985 and served as its President for the term, 1992-93.

Today, a Life Member of Lions Club of Bankura, an MJF, Lion Narsaria continues to remain active in service and makes it a point to attend most of the club meets while also participating in various other ventures.

When Lions Club of Bankura planned to establish an Eye Hospital in 1998 under the leadership of Past International Director Bishnu Bajoria, Lion Narsaria was one of the first few members to come forward and initiate the activities involved in its planning and construction.

The construction of phase one of about 3800 sq. ft. was completed in 2002 and the hospital was formally inaugurated by the then International Director Lion Prem Lahoty in May 2002. He continued his involvement in the administration of the S.N. Bajoria Memorial Bankura Lions Eye Care Centre, first as its Secretary until he was recently sworn in as the Co-Chairman with Past International Director Bishnu Bajoria as the Chairman. It is remarkable that the hospital has made significant progress over the years with number of surgeries increasing from 83 in the first year 2002-03 to 2784 in 2015-16 and the total number of patients treated from 1464 in first year to 8029 last year.

Up until June, 2016, the hospital has successfully completed 35,841 surgeries and treated 1,58,562 patients!

The hospital has undergone lot of changes in past few years and now boasts an area of 12000 sq. ft., the addition of sophisticated equipment, with internal accruals and two halls constructed on the first floor for conducting meetings and seminars.

As a Centennial Legacy Project, the club has undertaken the construction of a Dental Clinic led by Lion Narsaria, monitoring and managing operations with a target to inaugurate the center by June, 2017.

The dedicated efforts and belief in contributing towards the welfare of society, especially the health care industry, demands a devoted and driven individual like Lion Debi Prasad Narsaria, justifiably an Everyday Hero.

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