Our Everyday Hero- Deepak Bhattacharjee

“Heroes are not heroes because they have won or lost, but because they are heroic in nature.”

We've all had people in our lives that have made a positive impact in our lives. A grandparent or parent, an uncle or aunt or maybe even a friend who shines shoes for a living! Such an impact has been made by our very own everyday hero Lion Deepak Bhattacharjee.

Lion Deepak Bhattacharjee started his career in Lionism when he was invited to join Lions Club of Malkajgiri in 1982 and thereafter he was transferred to Lions Club of Sainikpuri as Charter Member in 1983. He took over as the Charter President of Lions Club of Secunderabad Vivekanandapuram after the said club was sponsored by Lions Club of Sainikpuri in the year 1990. He was the Zone Chairperson in 1992-93 and Region Chairman in 1997-98. During his tenure as Region Chairman, all the 10 presidents from his region received President Award, a record which is yet to be broken in the district. He was also the member of Micro Cabinet as District Secretary during 2004-05 and 2005-06.

Deepak Bhattacharjee is a Melvin Jones Fellow and has received the International President’s Medal, International President’s Leadership Medal, Leo Club Extension Award, Lions Club Extension Award and International President’s Leo Chairman Award.

During his tenure as District Chairperson in 2008 – 09, Deepak Bhattacharjee received the International President Founder’s membership Growth Award and Plaque for the 5th highest membership growth in his district in the entire world. He has also received International President’s pin 13 times and International President’s Appreciation Certificate 10 times.

He was elected as the District Governor during the Lionistic Year 2013-14 with thumping majority. Lion Deepak Bhattacharjee is a practicing lawyer in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Supreme Court of India.

One of the major projects undertaken by District 316 C under the leadership of Lion Deepak Bhattacharjee in the year 2013-14 was setting up 100 RO water purifier plants in the revenue districts of Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar, and Adilabad in the state of Telengana.

In 2013 – 14 R.O drinking water plant was given to Lions Club of Secunderabad Vivekananda on behalf of district 316 – C. This plant was installed at the Keyes Girls High School which is one of the largest girl’s school and Degree College in the city of Hyderabad. It was inaugurated by LCIF Chairperson Joe Preston in presence of Past International Director, Rumalla Sunil Kumar and President of Keyes Educational Society, Smt. Indira Lakshmaiah.
The plant was donated by M/s. Tata Projects Ltd. and serves pure drinking water to 3000 school children and students from Degree and Post-Graduation courses.

Lion Deepak Bhattacharjee along with Lions Club of Secunderabad (Maredpally) in association with CVK Mindshare and Tata Projects provided pure drinking water at 1 Rupee per liter at Gandhi Hospital which happens to be the largest Government Hospitals in the city of Hyderabad.

The market price for the same is Rs. 22 per liter. On an average 600 to 700 bottles are sold per day to the visitors of Gandhi Hospital.

Providing safe drinking water is a fundamental need and right of all human beings. Polluted drinking water is not only dirty but is also harmful and deadly in nature as it gives rise to water borne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. The installation of these RO plants by District 316 C under the guidance of Lion Deepak Bhattacharjee has resulted not only in the reduction of water borne diseases but has also provided clean and healthy drinking water at an affordable price.

During his tenure, he has been successful in tapping CSR initiatives in his district. Through these CSR partnerships, the district has opened 10 Adult Literacy Centers in Warangal in association with Tata Consultancy Services, 7 Snake Bite Treatment centers in various districts in partnership with Vins Biotech, and distributed walking sticks, calipers, wheelchairs and other items for the use of physically challenged individuals and organized camps in association with ONGC.

We salute his true spirit of Lionism for the tireless dedication to the cause and for the mark he has left on this great endeavor.

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