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Participate and innovate with the youth at the First Leo ISAAME Forum, 2016

Over the past forty five years, it has become a tradition to conduct an ISAAME(India, South Asia, Africa & Middle East) Forum to promote service projects along with participative events for corporates and individuals. The forum gives a platform to all Lions across the ISAAME region to share success stories, find solutions to problems and most importantly encourage one another to conduct services that will be beneficial in the development of the region.

Over the years Leos have been regular participants at the forum, they have been represented through various seminars. However, given the potential that the Leos have, they are underrepresented in the forum. Leos are young and passionate and have a contemporary approach towards the well-being of the society.

Recognizing the importance of Leos in community development, this year lions Clubs International proudly presents the First Leo ISAAME Forum, 2016!

Spearheaded by Past International President Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya and PCC Lion Mahesh Pasqual, also forming part of the steering committee, the Leo ISAAME forum will be conducted along with the ISAAME forum in the picturesque heritage country of Sri Lanka from the 30th of November to 5th December, 2016.

The Leo program is a dedicated youth driven division of the Lions Clubs which provides opportunities for the youth to serve communities by contributing and engaging in activities associated with knowledge exchange, guidance, training and development and leadership learnings, in order to drive a responsible individual that can usher others in the future.

In its first edition, the Leo ISAAME forum, aims at developing a change movement by promoting the theme “Excellence through Innovation”, as the economic competitiveness across the Middle East and Asian regions, has encouraged the need to get creative, innovate and develop technologies as social accelerators that address issues and provide solutions.

The passion and drive that lies with the youth within these regions is what the Leo ISAAME forum will ignite. Encouraging individuals to break out from tradition and develop mechanisms for significant community building, in order to foster a dialogue that will bridge the differences across millennial generations.

Opportunities are a pioneering force that every individual must learn to make the most of. The Leo movement of Lions Clubs International has granted individuals with the inspiration and knowledge to always think BIG. As an exclusive platform endorsing expression, creativity and talent, this will be the first time that an initiative of this nature has received such a wide coverage and appreciation on a global platform.

The forum will be a five day event and will be attended by 200 Foreign Leo delegates from the ISAAME Region and 150 Local Leo delegates. Inspirational speeches will be delivered by industry leaders with participation from the government of Sri Lanka as well.

With the extended support from the Lions community, the forum will be one of impact and change, stimulating a revolution of young minds dedicated to showcase the power of knowledge, effort and technology in influencing communities to help each other and drive the world towards equality and harmony.

Invitations to the forum are available on the platform, http://leoisaame2016.com/. Follow the link for Registrations. We hope to see large participation from the Leos in India. See you in Colombo.

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