Lions Calcutta Greater Vidyamandir (LCGVM)

LCGVM is an ambitious educational venture of the Lions Clubs of Calcutta (Greater) with a view to promote quality education. The vision that guides this striving is a modern holistic approach to molding young minds into responsible individuals. Says Ms. Kakoli Ghosh, Principal, Lions Calcutta Greater Vidyamandir, “At LCGVM we consistently emphasize the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life, be it academic or social. We are committed to molding young learners into valuable individuals who can go on and serve our nation. Apart from the regular curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, we endeavor to instill moral values so the children are academically sound, physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally balanced and ethically correct. We believe ‘think global, act local’ and this has made us one of the most sought after schools for education in Kolkatta.”

Lions Clubs, Kolkatta

When a man commits a crime and goes to prison, what is the fault of his family? Why should they suffer? Unfortunately, going to prison has a negative financial and social impact on the family. Lions of Kolkatta have taken up the cause to help the children of parents in prison to go on with their lives. With support from the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), these children receive computer education, training in music, art and singing in an endeavor to help them continue their lives and stay integrated into society. The resulting positive change in the lives of the children was so heartening that it has edged the Lions Clubs members to take up the cause of the women who are released from prison.

Being in prison leaves a stigma on a person, especially on women. The women are shunned and find it difficult to join into society. Lions Clubs members help these women by counselling, motivating and teaching them life skills that empower them to become independent and make the transition into society.

As a result, Lions Clubs of Kolkata have rescued hundreds of children whose parents are in prison, from a life of misery and doom.

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