Clean School - initiative of Lions Clubs of Siliguri Terai
Clean School - initiative of Lions Clubs of Siliguri Terai

As part of the Silver Jubilee Year Service Project, the Lions Clubs of Siliguri Terai has undertaken #CleanSchool - a noble task of renovating 25 neglected schools. While the schools were strengthened and given a new exterior, the Lions also provided the schools with water dispensers, dustbins etc. as needed.


Lions address social issues at the grass root level

Meet Lion Lekha Sharma, District Chairperson for Lions Quest, Kolkata. She firmly believes that as educators, parents, and community members, we have an opportunity to impact the lives of young people every day. Lekha works with the Lions Quest program to provide a holistic approach to youth development addressing, social and emotional learning and civic values that are instrumental to a healthy society.


Enabling education for a better tomorrow

Uniforms bring about a sense of belonging, promote harmony and reduce the visible gap between the haves and have not, thus fostering a sense of togetherness. In rural India, where parents are barely able to make ends meet, the burden of providing school uniforms becomes too hard to bear can lead to parents withdrawing children from school. Sensing this overwhelming feeling of the parents, Lioness Club of Udupi-Bannanje, 317 C distributed uniforms to the children of the Anganawadi situated in rural Udupi District - allowing parents to send their children to school without the added burden of providing uniforms. Additionally, children are gifted toys and books for school, adding cheer to the already burdened parents and children.

Education for all

All parents desire good education for their children. To help achieve this, Lions Club of Hanamkonda, in Warangal district of Telangana, distributed notebooks and study material, worth Rs.100,000/- to under privileged children of all government school in Hanamkonda. True to the Lions credo ‘helping where help is needed’, Lions facilitate the parent’s desire.

Lions Club of Calcutta Greater Vidyamandir (LCGVM)

LCGVM is an ambitious educational venture of the Lions Club of Calcutta (Greater) with a view to promote quality education. The vision that guides this striving is a modern holistic approach to molding young minds into responsible individuals.


Lions Club of Kolkatta

When a man commits a crime and goes to prison, what is the fault of his family? Why should they suffer? Unfortunately, going to prison has a negative financial and social impact on the family.


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