District 316 E organizes Nation First Quiz Program for Students

APJ Abdul Kalam and Prof. N B Sudershan Acharya visualize India as a developed country by the year 2020 through their Lead India 2020 program. Through this program, the youth of the country will be trained to channelize their hidden potential as individual development leads to National Development.

Taking inspiration from the Lead India 2020 program, District 316 E under the guidance of District Governor Lion Ramesh Lakshmanan organized a Nation First Quiz program for school children, which was televised on HMTV. The concept of Nation First aims to exercise the minds of the children, contribute towards nation building and create awareness about the glorious achievements of the nation. This platform was also used to raise awareness among the youth about the various initiatives undertaken by Lions Clubs International and encourage them to join the Lions Clubs to serve the community.

Second International Vice President Lion Naresh Aggarwal inaugurated the concept and poster during the cabinet installation on 17 th July, 2015.

This is also proved to be an important platform to raise awareness among the youth about the initiatives undertaken by Lions Clubs International.

The quiz program has 16 episodes each of which is an hour long. The participants were selected on basis of their aptitude and general knowledge tested at the school level. The selected participants were then trained and groomed to face the cameras in the TV Studios, they were also given a brief orientation of Lions Clubs International. Lastly, the quizzes were telecasted on HMTV with teams that had qualified for the Zonal levels. The series ran for 16 episodes airing every Sunday from 14 th November 2015 to 14 th March 2016.

The winner and the two semi – finalists were awarded with cash prizes worth Rs.50,000, Rs.25, 000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively. The first prize awardee decided donated the prize money to the Lions Eye Hospital of the District.

The Grand finale along with the Valedictory program of the show was shot at the prestigious Lions Bhavan in Secunderabad, amidst the parents of the participants and was also telecasted in HMTV subsequently. Past International Director R. Sunil Kumar, greatly appreciated the participation from the students and was amazed with the knowledge and understanding gained about the activities of the Lions Clubs

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