Lions Clubs from District 323 A2 Conduct a Distribution Program for Drought Victims in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has long been appreciated for its rich cultural heritage, opportunities in its metropolitan cities and economic diversity. However, over the years, the state has been experiencing distress over the water situation that has affected more than 1.5 crore farmers, leaving them in heavy debt.

While some resort to suicide, there are many who migrate to the cities with their families, in hope of survival. In a new city, with no one to fall back upon, these ‘victims’ end up on the streets or in shanties, deprived of basic necessities including access to sanitation, electricity, food and clean drinking water.

Understanding the plight of these drought victims in the city of Mumbai, Lions Club of Navi Mumbai Spices, Lions Club of NRI, Lions Club of Airoli United, Lions Club of New Panvel Steel Town, Lioness Club of New Bombay Vashi have partnered with several organizations to serve these affected individuals and their families.

To ensure, that the aid reaches the right individuals, Lions Club of Navi Mumbai Spices conducted an extensive ground research to locate the drought victims with help of the Navi Mumbai Police. They also conducted a survey amongst 40 families to understand their new lifestyle in order to comprehend their plight and provide relief materials in accordance to their need.

Lion Ashit Mehta and Lion Mukesh Mehta conducted this survey among migrants from Akola, Nanded, Latur and villages on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Based on the outcome of the survey, Lions Clubs along with the associated NGOs prepared convenient food packs of approximately 19 kilograms of rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, salt, and cooking oil, they also provided bathing soaps, towels and clothes along with LED rechargeable lights of capacity, 6 to 8 hours.

The distribution of the materials was held on 6th May, 2016 at Agri koli Ground near Sanpada Station in the presence of Chief Guest, District Governor 323A, Lion Nitin Shetty, along with 2nd District Governor Lion Hanuman Agarwal, Cabinet Treasurer Lion Sudhir Chopra, Cabinet Secretary Lion Seema Pai, Zone Chairperson Lion Cmdr. John, and his spouse, Mary John and all the Club Presidents.

In a follow up to the distribution program, it was determined that the food was sufficient for approximately 15 to 20 days, taking into account the number of members in each family.

The Clubs are extremely motivated by this program and are pleased to have been able to lessen the pain of these victims who are going through an extremely challenging situation in their lives. In a hope of continuing this effort, there will be regular research and investigation into such social issues.

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