Lions Clubs India 100years


Lions giving up the LPG Subsidy for a better cause!

Residential LPG is subsidized by the Government of India and each cylinder that people use in their kitchen carries a subsidy of about Rs. 200/-. This means a tremendous yearly subsidy burden upon the Government, which depletes valuable assets which could be utilized as part of developmental activities. There are as many as 14.54 crore active LPG consumers in India, out of which at least one crore consumers are eligible to surrender their subsidy.


“Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest”

Due to rapid urbanization and the increase in amount of solid waste generated in Indian cities, a pressing need for effective waste management processes needs to be carried out.
Recycling today, is clearly one of the most important and practical ways to combat the challenges of resource depletion.


Rugby Tournament organized to encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions Clubs

Playing any sport helps an individual stay active, organize time and foster constructive relationships. Sport plays an important role in developing a positive and confident personality and helps in understanding and building relations with team members.


Lions Clubs of India to launch Centennial Celebration with Centenary Peace Torch Tour

Lions Clubs International will celebrate 100 years of service in 2017. To commemorate this achievement, a Lions Centenary Mobile Vehicle carrying the centenary peace torch will travel across the length and breadth of India.


Centennial Service challenge- Lions Club of Sircilla

“Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living”. The Lions clubs have been successfully serving local communities, meeting humanitarian needs, encouraging peace and promoting international understanding.


Lions Club Visakhapatnam Dwarakanagar responds to Centennial Service Challenge –
   Reading Action Program

In 1947, the Government Fisheries department in Visakhapatnam established the Government Fisheries Elementary School, to provide education to children of the local fisher folk. Over the year’s absence of maintenance resulted in damage to the structure and lack of teachers, owing to this several children were not able to receive proper education in the area. The recent cyclone, Hudhud was also not kind to the already frail structure and destroyed it beyond use.


District 323 A3 rises to Centennial Service Challenge

District 323 A3 rose to the centennial service challenge, where the clubs designed an effective service activity program from 16th to 22nd May, 2015, in order to Help Children in Need.


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