Lions giving up the LPG Subsidy for a better cause


Lions giving up the LPG Subsidy for a better cause!

Residential LPG is subsidized by the Government of India and each cylinder that people use in their kitchen carries a subsidy of about Rs. 200/-. This means a tremendous yearly subsidy burden upon the Government, which depletes valuable assets which could be utilized as part of developmental activities. There are as many as 14.54 crore active LPG consumers in India, out of which at least one crore consumers are eligible to surrender their subsidy.

Understanding this, a separate committee headed by Lion Ramesh Lakshman has been formed by the Second International Vice-President Lion Naresh Aggarwal to encourage Lions members in India to voluntarily give up their LPG Subsidy. This special initiative aligns well with the current national and international initiatives of Lions Centennial Service Challenge to save and protect the environment.

Through this project Lions are not only responding to the call given by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, for voluntarily giving up LPG Subsidy and contributing to the cause of providing cleaner energy sources to underprivileged sections of the society but is also in line with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Fortunately, a section of aware and ethical citizens is evolving; who is ready to pay the full price for the products & services it avails, thereby making a personal contribution towards Nation-building. There is a need to spread this awareness to all LPG users to voluntarily surrender LPG subsidy and purchase cylinders at non-subsidized rates.

To facilitate the execution of the project on a large scale, an interactive website is developed wherein Lion members can log onto www.lionsgiveitup.in and follow the simple procedure to give up their subsidy.

The communication to the departments concerned, follow up and coordination will be undertaken by the Multiple Level Leaders in coordination with the District Governors. This project aims to significantly enhance the number of people giving up the LPG subsidies and also provide potential for membership growth. Lions Clubs India requests every Lion to be a part of the Nation-Building initiative, and give up the LPG subsidy today.

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