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"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest"

Due to rapid urbanization and the increase in amount of solid waste generated in Indian cities, a pressing need for effective waste management processes needs to be carried out.

Recycling today, is clearly one of the most important and practical ways to combat the challenges of resource depletion. "Wealth Out of Waste" or WoW is a scheme initiated by ITC which aims to inculcate the habit of recycling among school children, housewives, corporate employees and the public, as well as industries and business enterprises, to cut at least 15- 25% of the garbage load through source segregation.

As per a study conducted by ITC, on an average, a single Indian city generates around 2,500 tonnes of waste on a daily bases. Given that there is hardly any recycling done, the waste is used as a landfill, causing large-scale air and water pollution.

However, if one ton of waste paper is recycled, it will save 17 trees and 7000 gallons of Water. Bearing this mind, the WoW scheme is designed to mobilize and collect waste from residential buildings, schools, factories, offices, shopping malls and other such similar areas where there is a huge generation of waste paper.

"Wealth out of Waste" focuses on creating scalable solutions for spreading awareness about recycling, encouraging people to segregate and dispose waste responsibly and create sustainable livelihoods for poor students studying in Government schools or children belonging to a lower financial stratum.

True to the motto, "Where there is a need, there is a Lion", District 316-E under the guidance of District Governor Lion Ramesh Lakshmanan has reached an understanding with ITC and started this project, which not only recycles the waste, but also helps in educating students belonging to a financially lower strata of the society by providing books made of recycled waste paper.

As part of the Centennial Service Challenge, Lions Clubs International has proposed to benefit 25 million individuals through environmental activities. District 316 E intends to collect 1000 Metric Tonnes of waste paper and hand it over to ITC, in return for INR. 75,00,000/- worth of notebooks to be distributed amongst children from Government Schools and poor families.

Through this project, Lions Clubs of India will receive 400 long sized books with a centennial logo for every 1 tonne of waste paper collected and will simultaneously advocate issues such as Environment Protection, Reduction of Global Warming, Improving Green Cover, Reducing Landfills, Improving Groundwater Quality, General Health and Hygiene, Reducing Garbage Handling Cost, Better Civic Amenities, and Providing Cost Competitive raw materials to industries.

This collection activity will not only help recycling, but also help many people find paid work as waste collectors and as volunteers spreading the idea and concept of WOW in their localities.

Lions from different regions will conduct awareness sessions in schools, colleges, residential societies and offices wherein they’ll explain the sources of segregation and importance of recycling. To encourage Leos to participate in this endeavour, the District will issue certificates to Leos who collect 2 – 5 tonnes of waste paper.

The Centennial Service Challenge is an opportunity for Lions to celebrate our 100th anniversary by doing what we do best – serving others. We appeal to Lions members and volunteers to share this initiative as much as possible with their fellow Lions and spread the good work.

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