Boomers Rockers

Boomers and Rockers


The aim of this competition is to get Leos, who are booming in the area of community service and Lions who are already rocking the area community service together. Under this competition Lions Clubs and the Leo Clubs have to conduct a service activity in sync with each other where the participation of both will be mandatory.

The participating team will have to submit the report of their service activity on the official Lions Clubs India Website.

The Winner will be chosen by a panel of Judges selected by ISAAME Secretariat Office.

What is Required?

Overview​: A small write up about the project, as to what was the aim or thought behind the said project. The theme of the project (if Any)

Statistics​: The club will have to submit a detailed report of the number of people served by the service project conducted by the Participating Lions club and Leo Club. The number of Lions and Leos involved in the execution of the project.

Project Value​: The total amount of funds raised and spend for the service activity. The value of the Project in next 5 years if any (how the project will be sustained)

Means for Raising funds​: whether the funds for the service project were raised through CSR initiative, Individual funds or Donors.

Media: Two video Testimonials of the people who benefited from the activity conducted. 10 Action Pictures of Lions and Leos 3 group pictures.

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