Volunteering: Creating value for society and gaining personal growth

Posted by:Neville Mehta

From my experience of working with Lions volunteers across the country, I have seen that those who volunteer their time or expertise to serve others create tremendous value for society and experience high levels of personal growth and humility within themselves.

A volunteer I met at a recent Lions Club activity shared her experience of how her time as a volunteer has served to take her out a state of depression she was experiencing. It was heartening to see her put her worries aside and take a passionate responsibility to help those less fortunate than her. As a result, it has helped her become more appreciative, look at the bright side of life, and move out of her depression. Her physical and emotional health improved drastically and she is not the only one in whom I have seen a similar change.

Volunteering encourages renewed creativity, motivation and vision that carries into personal and professional life. The experience boosts self-confidence, increases self-esteem, and gives drive to accomplish more. Moreover, volunteers imbibe values like humility and generosity that result in positive character building, thus, reinforcing a sense of pride and identity. It makes you feel better about yourself and consequently develops a positive outlook towards life. All these factors translate into direct impact on the society you choose to serve selflessly.

Another Lions colleague who often takes time off from his busy schedule to volunteer by teaching street children, tells me that he loves to work with children across different religions, caste, sex and age, knowing that the universal religion of humanity and relationship of brotherhood is greater than the divide of animosity.

The key to a successful and holistic living is making a choice and moving forward in that direction. If you dare to make that choice, click here to be a volunteer and see how it brings change to the lives of others, and yours.

Neville Mehta
International Secretary
Lions Clubs International (ISAAME)

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