To improve the lives of young people, by the teaching, sharing, and expanding of Lions Quest programs

Posted by:Neville Mehta

We live in a modern society that is strongly influenced by evolving practices and tendencies that are in stark contrast to the Indian culture. One such escalating phenomenon is the rise in the number of adolescent abortions. It is a worrisome issue that needs to be addressed by our society. Though we find a marked increase in the efforts undertaken to raise the levels of awareness pertaining to the use of contraceptive, we still find quite a large number of teenagers adopting the abortion route to end pregnancies.

According to a recent survey conducted in Mumbai alone, 185 girls below the age of 15 opted for an abortion in 2014, as compared to 111 in the previous year. The significant rise in figures from approximately 17,000 cases of abortion in 2011-12 to over 30,500 cases in 2014-15 indicates the growth of abortion rate in a short span of time. Research has helped conclude that lack of proper knowledge and information regarding the use of contraceptives is one of the primary reasons that have contributed to the growth of this phenomenon. This is because youngsters prefer to refer to the internet, or talk to their peers who are equally inexperienced when it comes to advising on such matters. Thus it has been realized that there is a need to develop and implement more effective methods for spreading knowledge and provide support to the youth of our nation.

An effective solution is to collaborate with an international organization that is already involved in this field, such as Lions Clubs International. Under the guidance of trained experts, the Lions Quest program is implemented through class room curriculum, with the purpose of helping them develop 21st century life skills.

Lions Quest is a value based educational program that builds Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in children. The aim is to create disciplined, responsible and confident generation of youth. The program is implemented with an endeavor to teach children and adolescents to communicate effectively, manage their attitudes and emotions and to provide them with tools to resist negative peer pressure. Lions Quest significantly improves family environment for parents as well by providing them with a better understanding and willingness to be open with their children.

Awareness regarding sex education is expected to induce critical thinking on their part, in turn allowing them to make the right choice for themselves. It is an ideal solution for an issue which if not addressed soon, may compound into a crisis of much larger proportion.

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