In Memory of Past International Director Late Noshir Pundole

5th July, 2016 will go down in the history of Lionism in India, as the day the Lions community lost its founding member and the First International Director, Lion Noshir Pundole.

The Late PID Noshir Pundole was a headstrong man, responsible for establishing Lions Clubs International in India in form of Lions Club of Bombay and the Lions Club of Delhi with Lion K. J Khan and Kaiki Godrej. He went onto become the first Charter President of Lions Club of Bombay.

The beginning of Lionism in India can be attributed to an inspirational meeting between Late PID Pundole and a Lion at an American Scout Jamboree in Pennsylvania. It was after this meeting he was inspired to pioneer Lionism in India, beginning with the formation of Lions Club of Bombay which was sponsored by Lions Club of Saxton, Pennsylvania.

During the early days, he would network with a number of individuals with the aim of growing the Lions community by garnering likeminded individuals for their participation and interest to serve the lesser privileged. It was during the period from 1956 – 1959 that a total of 45 new clubs were formed with his support and influence.

Late PID Pundole was also the first District Governor of the combined District 304, comprising of India, Burma (Myanmar) and Celyon (Sri Lanka). He then went onto serve as the Asian Secretary prior to becoming the first International Director from India.

For his dedication to the association, PID Pundole was honored with many awards including a Master Key Award, a Supreme Extension Award, and 6 International President’s Awards, the Leadership Award and 60 year Chevron. He was also a Melvin Jones Fellow.

Today, as a result of the hard work and determination put in by the Late PID Pundole, the Lions Community in India can boast of 8000 clubs across the country, making India the second largest Lion’s community in the world.

Late PID Pundole is survived by his wife Roshan, two daughters, one son, four grandsons, a granddaughter and a great granddaughter.

To honor his dedication to Lionism, the Lions Clubs of Bombay (Host) organized a Condolence meet for the Pioneer and Father of Indian Lionism - Past International Director Lion Noshir Pundole on 11th July, 2016.

Spearheaded by the Club President, Fatema Bootwala, the meet saw the presence of family, friends and Lion members from District 323 A1, A2 and A3 and the ISAAME Secretariat staff. Members from the audience were invited to share their experiences in memory of PID Pundole to celebrate his great legacy.

Amongst the speakers were Senior Holding Trustee Lion Cawas Lalkaka, Past International President Lion Ashok Mehta, Executive Administrator India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East (ISAAME) Dr. Neville Mehta, District Governor 323 A1 Lion Armaity Cooper, District Governor 323 A2 Lion Subhas Bhalwal, District Governor 323 A3 Lion Prashant Patil, President of the Lions Club of Bombay (Host), Lion Fatema Bootwala and Secretary of Lions Club of Bombay (Host) Lion Ratan Advani.

PID Noshir Pundole will forever be remembered for his passion to serve the community and help those in need. He was a visionary who saw the need and potential of Lions Clubs International in India. Today, with a strong community of Lions thousands of individuals have benefitted from the Lions Organization.

In memory of the Late PID Noshir Pundole, Lions Clubs India pledges to support, dedicate and commit to service in order to uphold the legacy created.

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