Lions Club of Hyderabad East Campaign – Nutrition for All

Lions Club of Hyderabad East, joined together to initiate a series of campaigns to provide meals to vulnerable sections of the society.

The members were happy to be able to serve 10,000 people under ‘Relieve the Hunger Centennial Service’ challenge, to be undertaken during the Lionistic year of 2016-17.

The club was keen on extending aid to the Government Maternity Hospital Koti, Hyderabad, which is frequented by hundreds of people from underprivileged backgrounds, including pregnant women and their attendants. The facilities available at the hospital were limited, and hence could not cater to all, on a daily basis, considering the amount of patients they receive.

Although efforts are on to address the conditions prevailing at the hospital, most worrisome is the one of no access to proper food. The Club now provides meals to all these patients who now have access to wholesome food and safe drinking water.

The other campaign initiated by the members, was to support the Rainbow Ashrita Home at Doodhbowli, an orphanage with inadequate financial resources and access to public distribution system, such that they were unable to provide for the needs, of even the residents.

The members of the Club now ensure the provision of basic food items throughout the year and also serve special meals on festivals and other occasions.

In addition to these two motives, when the members had visited a government school, they learnt that the students used to attend classes even during summer vacation, only for that one meal they were provided at breakfast time, which in many cases happened to be the only meal the child had, for the day. Lions Club of Hyderabad East undertook the cause of providing breakfast to these children and have adopted the school as their ‘Centennial Legacy Project’.

Inspired by these efforts, local businessmen and philanthropists have come forward to donate towards these causes and local social groups have taken up the responsibility of providing meals to several such groups in the city.

Measuring the success of these initiatives, and encouraged by their impact, the Lions members are eager to establish a network of Lion volunteers involving other clubs in the District and also other like minded social charity organizations, to provide food to these vulnerable sections everyday throughout the year.

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