Lions Club of Mahanagar in its mission to provide artificial limbs

Lions Club of Bombay, Mahanagar is an active association of members with Mr. Motilal Punamiya as the District Chairperson- Jaipur Foot, working towards a cause to provide artificial limbs to the needy. He has been involved in this mission since the year 2001, ever since he visited the Mumbai centre of the Bhagwan Mahavir Sahayata Samitee(BMVSS) , the world's largest organisation serving the disabled.

BMVSS provides all its assistance through its centres, outreach programmes and rehabilitation camps. Providing artificial limbs, calipers, wheel chairs, hand-pedalled tricycles, crutches and other aids and appliances, free of charge both in India and abroad.

Since its inception, BMVSS has rehabilitated more than 5,13,806 limbs, 4,09,944 calipers, 4,62,867 Crutches 1,05,774 Tricycles, 34,901 Hearing Aids and 7472 Surgeries, benefitting 15,34,784 disabled both in India and across the world. Apart from their equipments, BMVSS is also focused on research and development, and tries to fuse service with science.

After his visit at the centre in Mumbai, Motilal raised his interest of addressing the cause with the involvement of his home club, Mahanagar and Dist.323 A1. He was appointed as the District Chairperson for Jaipur Foot in 2004 and began his service with activities to raise financial aid and support from members.

Every subsequent Governor of the club since 2003 has allotted this Chairmanship to Mr. Motilal, to conduct the activity and to coordinate with other clubs for this need based project.

With the collection of donations from social contacts, the club raised awareness as part of the October Service Week on 7th October, along with the organizing of a camp for the needy at KEM Hospital, Parel.

The camp was conducted on 7th October at the Jivraj Mehta Hall in the KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai from 9.30 AM onwards.

Lions from other Districts actively participated and spread the news regarding the camp to achieve maximum participation. The District Governor is Lion Armaity was Chief Guest at the occasion along with VDG Lion Pradeep Parekh and SVDG Diviyesh Shah, who were the Guests of Honour.

Other participants and well wishes included, Dist. Activities Chairperson Lion Rajendra Nagvekar and Past Governor Lion Daara Patel, Lion Dinesh Shah, Lion Santosh Chavan and Lion Ravindra Kadel. For the past 12 years, every activity of this kind has been attended by the Governor in office and all the Vice District Governors.

The project has been able to provide artificial limbs to 310 individuals this year and is hopeful of a wider reach in the years to follow.

With this Legacy Project, the club has promised to conduct a project for the benefit of rural Maharashtra. In the future, and with adequate financial resources, the club will support the Bhagwan Mahavir Sahayata Samitee and distribute these artificial limb, free of cost. A saving of Rs. 17.5 Lacs is already available with the club and they will continue to reach out to corporates and other supportive individuals.

As a special request to all Lions, the clubs wants to express its goal of helping maximum individuals and stimulating others to support the Lions in some way or the other.

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