Lions Club of Jaigaon Shivalik addressing needs of children and victims

Jaigaon Shivalik is a small town located on the border of India and Bhutan. This border is crucial for trade between the two countries, and is the reason why Jaigaon has flourished from a small lowly populated village to a town with close to one lakh inhabitants.

The trade activities have been detrimental for the migrant population settlements and along with it have brought about a need for schools and institutions to educate the children.

The Lions Club of Jaigaon Shivalik, catering to the needs of the town, had undertaken a survey to understand the issues affecting the town and what needed improvement. The findings from the survey realised the need for computer education to be part of the curriculum and for there to be adequate training for teachers as well, to provide respective training to the students.

With active participation of all members, the club supported an idea to donate computers to the schools, phase wise, providing underprivileged students with a first-hand experience of computers and imparting the basic know how so that they do not lose out on the developments of the digital world.

Through this process, the club was able to donate two computers to two schools. The first was donated to a small primary school, Shree Ramakrishna School, Subash Pally, Jaigaon, on the occasion of Independence day. Schooling 250 children, upto class V, the institute is run by a charitable organization, which was gratified by the offer.

The second was donated to Toorsa Tea Garden Primary School, Bhulun Choupatty, Manglabari on the occasion of Teacher's day, celebrated on 5th September. This school is run by Toorsa Tea Garden for the children of the workers in the tea estate. The primary section is run in the morning and junior high operates from the same school premises in the afternoon.

After a successful project, the club members visited the schools to understand the experience of the children and teachers.

The members were so pleased when they saw the smile on the faces of the children. The children were absolutely delighted and amazed with these gifts! Excited to learn more about computers, they were rather amused with the learnings about their parts, specially the ‘mouse’.

This experience has provided the much needed boost to the members and they have already chalked out a plan to donate more computers in the Lionistic year of 2016-17!

Having already begun approaching donors, the members are determined to help educate and engage students as per trends necessary for their growth and success.

While on one end the club was helping the children, the town of Jaigaon experienced a devastating flood during the monsoon. Many people were rendered homeless and were temporarily sheltered at government relief camps.

The club immediately came forward to support the affected people by providing food and water. There were many who took refuge at the Mangalabari Primary school, were the club reached with adequate relief facilities, including food and water.

The plight of these stranded victims was brought to the notice of the District Governor of District 322F, Lion Dhurjati Ray and requests were made for support from the LCIF.

The club received relief materials, groceries and other necessary household goods which was later distributed among the victims. While many club members participated in the activity, the 1st VDG of District 322F, Lion Kedar Gajmer and Inter Region Coordinator of Region VI and VII Lion Sushil Rathi were also campaigning to support the victims.

After another successful mission of the club, the members have become more determined, proactive and equally humbled, in service.

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