Drinking Water Project initiated by Lions Club of Siliguri

To bridge a supply gap, Lions Club of Siliguri launched a project to provide clean drinking water to people in and around the area near the Goudiyamath Temple, Siliguri.

With the government water facility available only during specific timings during the day, there was a need for a round the clock provision that was equally hygienic.

The concept was raised and discussed at a meeting among members of the club to be voted upon. After sharing ideas for fundraising and approaching donors, a donor agreed to donate funds towards the project and the construction work was sanctioned and completed in a span of 3 months.

Inaugurated by Philanthropist Sri Jagdish Prasad Agarwal, the club already runs two successful initiatives, a vaccination centre and a homeopathic clinic at the location.

At least 2 members visit the project location everyday to ensure it is running smoothly. A permanent work force has also been established to keep the facility functional, 24X7.

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