Critical care ambulance funded by Lions Club of Siliguri

Siliguri being the gateway to Eastern India, surrounded by 3 nations; is strategically a very important place.

Owing to its location advantage, the city has seen a rapid increase in its population, raising concerns about security, safety and hygiene, and prompting, the need for health and medical facilities.

Siliguri already has a significant number of hospitals and ambulances, but a facility that will be able to cater to emergency cases, was the need of the hour. This was taken up by Lions Clubs of Siliguri.

In order to authorize a project requiring a heavy investment of time and money, the club engaged in detailed discussions before unanimously agreeing upon its implementation.

The members were able to rope in a few donors, like Lion Uttam Saha, willing to fund the capital cost of the project, with the running cost being borne from internal resources.

Being a financially demanding project, the schedule, scope and structure was well thought of. The project took a year to be implemented and to finally be dedicated to society.

The provision through this project for an ambulance dedicated in the service of the the people of North Bengal and nearby areas was inaugurated on 15th August, 2010, by philanthropist Sri Nityanand Saha.

The ambulance is equipped with a cardiac monitor, ventilator, hydraulic stretcher, defibrillator, nebulizer, suction machine etc. This utility mini ICU is extremely helpful for administering emergency services and shifting patients who are critically ill from one place to another.

Able to save hundreds of lives so far, a 5 member team has been assigned to regularly oversee the project, along with a technical team to look after its beneficiaries. About 15 patients are ferried every month across North Bengal and many a time across Nepal and Bhutan as well.

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