Lions Club Of Mahad

Three decades agoin1974 Lions Club of Mahad was officially registered. Innumerable activities of wellbeing and awareness have been performed during thistime. Over the last few years, the club has become very active due to the dynamic participation of younger members.

The club has many awards to its name like the International shield in 1977 for conducting 287 cataract operations and its past president Lion UdayPayelkarwas awarded with the diamond pin for good work.The Club has so far performed 12,000 cataract operations and 31,000 eye check-ups through its camps. Thousands of bottles of blood have been collected through blood donation camps. Number of school goers haveundergone medical check-up and treated by expert medical practitioners.

Old age home dwellers are warmly treated withgifts, goodies, clothes and provisions. Kinder garden schools have been adopted with Lions takingcare of the needs of the kids and staff. Eyes check-up for highway driver was initiated and eye glasses provided. Additionally, Lions took the opportunity to createawareness of fuel conservation and traffic discipline.

Through the SightFirst program, Lions were able to reach thousands of needy people and help restore their vision. In the last year itself about 1,000 cataract operations were successfully completed, where breakfast, food, lenses and specs were provided to patients completely free of charge, under the guidance of renowned cataract physician Dr.Haldipurkar and his staff. Mahad Club was awarded the Multiple shield in 2012-13, 2013-14 for cataract surgery.

Another signature project was treatment of plastic surgery by Padmashree Dr. Sharadkumar Dixit, where 672 underwent plastic surgery for face correction; at Dr. Ln. Ramesh Naik nursing home.

Lions Club of Mahad, working for the good of society.

Lions Club Of Mahad Lions Club Of Mahad Lions Club Of Mahad Lions Club Of Mahad Lions Club Of Mahad


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