Lions Club of Kanjurmarg

The Lions Club of Kanjurmarg has been relentlessly working towards the betterment of its community. Each year the club focuses on making a difference at the grass root level, impacting the lives of thousands of underprivileged community members.

From conducting SightFirst camps that have benefitted over thousands of people, to organizing blood donation drive and Thalassemia testing camps, the Lions work to bring joy to others.

Focusing on youth centric activities in order to inculcate a sense of community service in them and guide them to become responsible citizens, the club has conducted several activities that have engaged the youth. For example:
1. Honoring meritorious students andteachers inBhandup East.
2. Organising Peace Poster competition across schools in Kanjurmarg East.
3. Donating First Aid Kits to schools in Kanjurmarg.
4. Conductingmega Medical Camps and providing free medicines.
Through these activities, youth have enjoyed the benefits of learning and community service.

The Club is also focused on hunger projects like, relieving hunger by providing free mid-day meals to students of school in the area, distributingfood grains to the needy and providing water coolers to schools for the benefit of students.

The Club also works closely with the authorities to plant trees and ensure a green cover in and around Kanjurmarg East area.

Lions Club of Kanjurmarg, working for a better society.

Lions Club of Kanjurmarg Lions Club of Kanjurmarg Lions Club of Kanjurmarg Lions Club of Kanjurmarg Lions Club of Kanjurmarg


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