Lions Club of Kalyan - Seva Ka Shankhnad

Lions Club of Kalyan a 57 years old club is amongst the oldest clubs in district 323-A2 and is the 13th Club in India.

The Club has focused on working for the underprivileged at grass root level and works on 3 permanent projects including solar power, bore well, and providing water cooler wherever needed in Kalyan.

Some of its signature activities include:
1. Installation of 4 bore wells in Shahpur village where the shortage of water was a permanent problem; the bore wells have made life easier for over 1,000 families.
2. Installation of solar power in Shahpur, an Adivasi village of over 5,000 Adivasi's who have now access to electricity.
3. Blood donation camps to facilitate the shortage of blood at local blood banks.
4. Free cancer detection camp for the locals of Kalyan.

Lions Club of Kalyan, helping where help is needed.


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