Lions Club of Chembur

A 56 year old club with history written in letters of gold, the club has 60 Lion warriors andhas the distinction of having three District Governors, 2 medical centers as permanent project and is the only club in the district to have a Balwadi and Mission of Mercy; program to finance cancer treatment.

To date the club has treated over 50,000 patients at subsidized medical costs, conducted over 200 free cataract operations, hosted 8 SightFirst camps, conducted over 15 medical camps and has lead the district in disaster relief operations in Kashmir and the ISKON food program for children. The club also held its 2nd Inter School Folk Dance competition to promote culture and understanding between communities.

The Lions Club of Chembur focuses on children spearheading the food program movement and distributing over 250 uniforms, bags and snacks to children. Its 'Mission Of Mercy' project has financed over 500 patients suffering from cancer.

The club continues to serve the underprivileged and needy in all aspectsof life.

Lions Club of Chembur, a family of 60 Lionsthat strivesto bring smiles tothe underprivileged section of society.

Lions Club of Chembur Lions Club of Chembur Lions Club of Chembur Lions Club of Chembur Lions Club of Chembur


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